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Women Investing Network Podcast

Jan 13, 2023

Elisabeth recently went on the Memphis property tour with Jason Hartman's group, and was able to meet with two women who recently started investing in real estate, Jill O'Conner and Patti Ziegler. Elisabeth spent some time with the two and found out what led them to real estate investing, what they're up to and why they picked Memphis, as well as what they learned about investing that they want to share with others.

Later she talks with the local market specialist for Memphis about what makes the city a place you would actually want to invest. With companies like FedEx, and schools like Rhodes College and University of Tennessee Medical, as well as being a transportation hub, the area provides a good opportunity to get solid returns on investment for reasonably priced homes.

Key Takeaways:

2:45 More about why WIN came into existence

5:28 Tip of the Day: Gratitude

8:00 How starting from a place of gratitude changes your whole day

11:02 How Patti Ziegler got started investing in real estate

13:41 Why Patti chose to invest in Memphis

17:14 Jill O'Conner's journey to real estate investing

19:39 What led Jill to real estate investing in Memphis

21:46 Jill's advice to people who are preparing to invest in real estate

26:32 Meet Jason Hartman's local market specialist for Memphis, and what about Memphis makes it a good place for investors

30:06 Schools in Memphis that are attracting students and workers, as well as some ways that Memphis is a hub for the mid-south





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