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Women Investing Network Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

There's a term that is used in real estate investing frequently that isn't always measured the same way, and it's called cash on cash return. Elisabeth breaks down a property she found in Memphis to give a real life example of determining what the cash on cash return would be based on all the factors the equation uses.

Later, Jason Hartman interviews Lori Ann LaRocco about her books Opportunity Knocking, and Thriving in the New Economy. Lori is a senior talent producer at CNBC and has interviewed some of the biggest names on Wall Street and Washington. The two discuss how it's possible to acquire success in leadership in your personal and business life, and the importance of knowing yourself before you can grow outward.

Key Takeaways:

2:31 What is cash on cash return?

5:56 How you calculate your cash flow

8:54 Some things you can do to protect yourself from maintenance fees before you purchase an investment home

Lori Ann LaRocco Interview:

10:59 7 strategies all successful leaders follow

14:21 It's critical that you find others who inspire you, then use that inspiration to form your own way to reach your goals

18:08 Once you figure out what you know to be right you HAVE to stick with it. There will be hard times, but trust yourself

24:29 Employers and investors can see true passion, and will be attracted to it

27:30 It may be hard to get from one step of success to another, but the cumulative effort will bring about success.

34:38 There's very little more important than self-belief

35:40 You can find Lori's blog at

37:41 Lori's book Thriving in the New Economy showed various reactions she saw CEOs have leading up to, and after, the financial crisis

41:30 You can't see bubbles while they're happening. They're even hard to figure out in hindsight


Opportunity Knocking: Lessons from Business Leaders by Lori Ann LaRocco

Thriving in the New Economy by Lori Ann LaRocco



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