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Women Investing Network Podcast

Jul 17, 2020

Sharon Lechter interviews Julie Kratz, the founder, and leader of Next Pivot Points. Julie helps women leaders create their winning career game plan. Be intentional about your time and the decisions you make to ensure that you are happy. Julie and Sharon discuss the new 9 to 5 and the blended model of work from home and working in the office. 

BooksLead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Proven Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] The future of the 9 to 5 isn’t 9 to 5.

[2:45] It’s about measuring employee performance on outputs versus inputs. 

[5:15] What tips do you give to this leadership style when adjusting to this type of flexibility?

[10:10] “We are co-creating the work future that we want.”

[12:10] The blended model has the best output for a work environment. Working from home mixed with time in the office has proven to have the most substantial work productivity. 

[14:00] Businesses are scaling back the cost of work-related travel for conferences and using just a fraction of the cost to support virtual meetings. This work adaptation is useful for time and cost. 

[19:30] Be very intentional with your day!

[20:45] Letting other people make decisions for you, puts you in a place that makes them happy and not making yourself happy.